Build your own IOT system and plug it with the rest of the world

Simple Device Manager

Create devices in Aloes Cloud and connect your edge devices in minutes. Configure, manage and update all your devices remotely.

Powerful Data Services

Develop and deploy applications in secured places, share your datas, containers and updates for thousands of devices with one-click.

Visualization & Analysis

Manage your data and control applications for thousands of users from the cloud with easy to use, powerful tools. Customise your decision tools with our widgets

How Aloes can help you to create your own IOT business?

You have an idea, but you need helpful IoT tools to make it real and ready for market. Aloes provides technology services which help creative people to accelerate their development flow, with a self-managed system and customizable platform. We are information and communication technology experts, we offer our skills and our IoT system to take off your business.

First of all, you need to have a clear global vision of your business and your users needs. For seven years, we have been working for customers from many differents activities area and we can help you to specify the right digital strategy.
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Devices Organisation

When you make your own IOT system the first thing to think about, is how to manage your devices park and choose the right technology to use for your network. We provide some connectors as LoRa, MQTT or HTTP which will help you to connect all your devices and monitoring them through your personal back office.

Data Control

Once you control your network, you will need to store your data and use them. Aloes provide some services as database, access control lists or stream channel which help you to extand your business. We take care of hosting, security and scalabity for you, and you keep your data ownership.

Shared Analysis

Then you probably need to control how data should be displayed. We propose a list of visual graphs and customizable components, useable on the web, mobile or embedded devices. Our platform helps you to build your own data visualisation and realtime business for you, your team, your customers and the ultimate user.

To know if your business is viable, you have to follow users experiences with accurate analytics. Our platform can help you to know your users with some KPI. With the concept of small iteration management, you could improve your business on demand and offer the best user experience as possible.

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